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Publicatication of LYTHOS's members (soon also PDF):

ISI journals:


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Non ISI journals:

  • 2002
  • Anastasiu N., Popa M, Dragan E., Roban R.D., 2002. Quartz-sandy formations from Carpathians and afferent areas – on properties as applications in the oil industry. Romanian Journal of Mineral Deposits, 80, 85-91
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  • Popescu G.C., Dumitrescu L., Buia G., Rădulescu M., 2002. Dust pollution and the effects of human health case study Baia Mare - Romania. Central European Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 8, 251-256
  • 2004
  • Stanciu I. Vizitiu A. Ilinca G., 2004. Crystal chemistry of Mn-Ilvaite from Dognecea, South-western Banat. Romanian Journal of Petrology
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  • 2005
  • Nedelcu, A.F., Panaiotu, C. G., Panaiotu, C. E., 2005. Paleointensity of the geomagnetic field during Late Cretaceous in the Apuseni Mountains (Romania). ROMANIAN REPORTS IN PHYSISCS, 57, 436-444
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  • 2006>
  • Berbeleac I., Jude R., Udubasa S.S., Nutu M.L., 2006. Gold pre-alpine mineralizations from Romania. Acta Mineralogica-Petrographica, 5, 14-17
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  • 2007
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Extended abstracts:

  • 2002
  • Anastasiu N., Roban R.D., Popa M., Dragan E., 2002. Diagenetic evolution of the neocomian carbonates reservoirs from Moesian platform. Proceedings of the Romanian Academy, Series B, 89-94
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  • 2003
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  • 2004
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  • 2005
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  • 2006
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  • 2007
  • Marinescu M., Bogatu L., Matei M., Neacsu A., 2007. Rersursele minerale la nivel mondial. Revista Minelor

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